‘Us’ a film with multiple layers

‘Us’ a film with multiple layers

Margaret, Alanna Ubach, is a disturbed woman. She’s self-destructive, not giving a damn about what happens to her. Walker, Michael Navarra, is a nice guy. He’s handsome, the type of guy you’d take home to mom.
Jeff, Patrick Russell, is a stalker with a good heart.
This trio is the main cast members of Sam Hancock’s “Us.”

Margaret spends a lot of time in a bar. Jeff works at this bar and always has his eyes on Margaret. Unfortunately for Jeff, he usually watches her walking out the door with strange men.

These men want one thing and Margaret has no problem with giving up the goods. However, it doesn’t take much to get Margaret really angry. When Margaret gets angry she pushes, hits and screams out obscenities. Very unlike her.

When Walker meets Margaret, he is smitten.
The first few dates are a bit rocky, but Walker, who is a social worker, sticks around.
Margaret befriends Jeff, even though he’s a stalker. They do nothing more than drink tea together, but they are kind of kindred spirits.
It’s only after a dinner party at Walker’s psychiatrist friend’s house that Walker’s suspicious are confirmed; there is something terribly wrong with Margaret. She seems to turn into another person.
This is the story of a very ill woman and the two men who want to save her.
At times a love story and at times a drama of great quality.
“Us” is a well-made film with a stellar performance by Alanna Ubach.

Treat yourself to an hour and a half of a great film.

Playing at “Dances With Films” in Hollywood.

Source: Examiner