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Tonight’s episode of Showtime’s hit series “Californication” will guest star one of Hollywood’s most enigmatic, prolific and beautiful leading ladies. Alanna Ubach is a name we’ve all heard, a face we’ve all seen, and a voice that sounds very familiar. The brunette stunner is always working, that’s why you know the name, the gorgeous face and voice. Highlight Hollywood spoke with the brilliant and very witty actress recently, and she had plenty to say. Obviously, Ubach has a penchant for never playing the same role twice and her two TV roles couldn’t be any more diverse. More so if you consider her voiceover work as Strudel on Pound Puppies and in Rango. The actress laughed when discussing the diversity in her body of Episode 603work. “That’s putting it mildly, but I was born to do this, so I’m always excited and welcoming to new roles. And luckily so far in my career, I’ve had many opportunities to play different things,” said Ubach.

Adding, “Even as a child, my dad built a stage in our home, a little private place for me to perform. So, as a kid, I knew I’d be an actress, but I thought I would be doing local theatre and never in a million years did I expect such good luck my way, and to appear on shows that, as you say, are totally different from one another.” Ubach can be currently seen in three very different roles: See Dad Run on Nick at Nite, Californication on Showtime and in the surprise hit film, A Haunted House (#2 film in the country upon release).Yes, that Haunted House. “When I auditioned for the role, I knew from the competition that I’d have to do something really out there, and get the Wayans brothers’ attention. After the audition, they had a big laugh, and next thing I knew, I was on the set filming the role,” explains Alanna. A role that has taken the nation by storm. This very off-beat and comical take on the scary Paranormal films is one of the most hilarious we’ve seen in years. It’s definitely Wayans brothers style. And Alanna Ubach manages to stand out in a film that has many over-the-top roles in it.

Ubach is also an on-screen mom for the first time ever in See Dad Run, a family sitcom on Nick at Nite with Scott Baio, already picked up for season two while season one is still airing. New episodes return in February and repeats will air in the interim. “Scott Baio, wow. As a young girl, I thought he was very handsome. I wasn’t into “Happy Days,” but loved his work, and when I had the opportunity to work with him, it was great, Tommy! He’s such a solid and upstanding guy, not just a world-renowned and popular actor.
And it’s the role Ubach is also known for on the hit series Californication that takes the spotlight tonight, as the strangely seductive rock widow who pursues David Duchovny (and others?) that will come front and center immediately. Having been a huge Duchovny fan for years, I asked the gorgeous star if David is as fun to work with as it seems on the show, a show where she plays a role wildly different than any she’s played before. After laughing, she answered, “He’s brilliant as an actor. He’s very understated, he knows his stuff. David is solid, but he does also know how to go over the top at the right moments, in this show. It is about sex, and hilarity, after all.”

Maybe it’s perfect casting in this TV series that made her role as Marlon Wayans’ obsessive swinger/next door neighbor in the Wayans brothers’ A Haunted House feature film that made her so unforgettable on the big screen? The film that opened in theatres on January 11th is still raking in the dough, proving that America does like to laugh. “I think it’s because the nation has had such a tough few years, that people are so attracted to the Wayans comedies. They have made a niche for themselves, that’s for sure. And I’m happy that I had the opportunity to star in their latest film. And I’m happy that I had the opportunity to be in their latest film. And excited about what I have coming up this season on Californication,” the actress enthused.

And who could ever forget Alanna on HBO’s Hung, which was when I first noticed the great work of this fine actress. “Thomas Jane is a genius as an actor. You know, I was so happy to do that show. When it was filmed in Detroit, it was at the beginning of the economic meltdown in the nation, but Detroit had unfortunately been going through that slump for some time. Tommy, it was eerie to see so many empty billboards when you are driving down the street. The Teamsters, who worked on the production, were so grateful for HBO and the show being there. It was very sad. Detroit offered many tax incentives to film there, which worked out perfectly for us, but that’s all changed now. Very sad. I enjoyed working with Thomas Jane, he’s a perfectionist and a professional, definitely,” Alanna continued. “Working with him and Ray Romano also, on his show, Men of a Certain Age,was also an incredible experience. He’s so tall, but so unassuming. We had to do a lot of scenes where we were seated looking at each other, since I’m definitely smaller than he is,” the beauty said with great humor and admiration for her leading man.

And the prolific thespian has been in so many great productions. Such as: that sexy older maid who devirginalized a young Ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers, and who can ever forget that the actress was also Reese Witherspoon’s cheerleader/sorority sister/best friend in both Legally Blonde films? I sure did not. I felt so star-struck interviewing Alanna, who disarms you with her charms, and her exquisite beauty. You definitely know you are in the presence of one of Hollywood’s up and coming stars, but she is so gracious and considerate, that you soon feel enchanted and bedazzled by her. Which is probably why so many casting directors and film directors, as well as TV producers find her the perfect foil for so many of our favorite characters.
Ubach thinks it’s disrespectful and downright rude to enter an audition without a high level of enthusiasm and a lot of thought put into her vision of the character. Damned if the producers/directors/ casting directors don’t come around to her way of thinking, and rather quickly

Don’t miss Alanna tonight on the return of Showtime’s Californication. That would be absolutely a sin.

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