Alanna Ubach admits, “I want to keep people guessing and never want to play the same character twice.” That’s one way to avoid typecasting, it also explains several of her recent roles .

Alanna co-stars with Scott Baio, playing his wife, on Nick at Nite’s SEE DAD RUN, now in it’s second season.
She kicked off 2013 with a guest arc as a British rock ‘n’ roll widow on Showtime’s CALIFORNICATION, while also debuting as an obsessive swinger in the Wayans Brothers feature, A HAUNTED HOUSE that same month. Alanna also took on the tour de force lead role of Margaret in the film ALL OF US, an intense drama in which she plays a woman with multiple personality disorder, garnering her tremendous reviews at it’s premiere this summer. And you’ll soon see her on NBC’s REVOLUTION as a former genius news reporter, now relegated to drone government status.
Ubach, a born drama queen whose humble beginnings make her a hardworking, goal-oriented risk-taker, has worked non-stop as an actress since childhood. And let’s talk about some of those risks.
At 29, the petite beauty ventured to downtown LA in search of the frumpiest sweater she could find. She added an enormous stuffed bra and covered herself in make-up many shades darker than her natural skin tone, all in with the hope of being considered to play a curvy, late-forty-something maid in MEET THE FOCKERS’. She won the role and held her own next to De Niro, Streisand and Hoffman in the blockbuster Universal feature.
Audiences loved Alanna in her recurring role on HBO’s HUNG, in which she played Thomas Jane’s sex-starved, demanding Israeli neighbor, Yael Koontz.
She was Ray Romano’s sexy love interest on MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE, and a bitter, profanity-spewing waitress in Waiting. And yet, she’s most often recognized as Serena, sorority sister/best friend to Reese Witherspoon’s character in both of the LEGALLY BLONDE films.

Ubach spent years playing oddballs, outcasts and lesbians in a string of Sundance indie darlings including FREEWAY, CLOCKWATCHERS, DENISE CALLS UP, and JOHNS. She’s also had many memorable roles in iconic films such as THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE, SISTER ACT 2, and appeared on award winning TV shows such as ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, ER, SPORTS NIGHT and as young Josie, the quirky lab assistant we all know and love from BEAKMAN’S WORLD. Alanna starred off Broadway at age 15 in WPA’s CLUB SODA. She wrote, directed and starred in the festival circuit favorite A MI AMOR MI DULCE, and her hit one woman show PATRIOTIC BITCH, Off-Broadway got her rave reviews. Alanna has also had a very successful voice-over career, contributing a range of voices from Gore Verbinski’s RANGO to Strudel on POUND PUPPIES. If you can’t place her, then she’s successfully disguised herself in her characters.